Practices – General Info

Coach ‘Office' Hours

Please allow 24 Hours for a response to email as coaches are busy on deck with the kids and weekend swim meets are very busy.  You may also contact the coach liaison.

Training Expectations

For each practice, we expect the following:

  • On Time: preferably 5 Minutes before each practice so we can get started on time.

  • Athletic Attire: please remind your swimmers to wear proper running shoes and clothing to every practice, yes including the mornings too. J

  • Suit, cap, goggles, kick board, pull buoy, fins, and snorkel if they have one, WATER BOTTLE, AND SUNSCREEN. It's about to get quite hot out and a water bottle is REQUIRED. If your swimmer shows up to practice without water they may be asked to sit out.

  • Good attitude and a smile. 🙂

Deck Rules

As outlined in the Parent Code of Conduct, Parents should not be on the pool deck during practices. It causes distractions to the swimmers and is also distracting to the coaches. If you need to communicate with the coach, feel free to do so before or after the practice. If you need to communicate with your swimmer, please get the coach’s attention and they will notify your swimmer. This should only occur in urgent situations.

Nutrition and Rest

Nutrition and rest are key to a great athlete. Please avoid any unhealthy food choices as they do not mix well with competition and training. We are big supporters of healthy eating and will not support unhealthy food choices. Please try to avoid the fatty foods sold at swim meets and keep to healthy meals at home as best as you can. 🙂

  1. Go check out Coach Anna's food blog:

As parents, you are all aware how important sleep is. Around 8 hours of sleep, a night is recommended and should be enforced daily for your swimmer to succeed. Without adequate rest, your swimmer may become fatigued quite quickly due to the heat and training. If your swimmer is unable to get a good night’s sleep before a morning practice, it might be a good idea for them to miss and come prepared to work hard and fully rested in time for the next practice. This is okay as long as it isn't abused.

Missed Practices, Sickness + Injury

In the event your swimmer will be unable to make it to practice, please inform the coach in advance so they can prepare the practice to accommodate the right amount of swimmers. Just send me a quick email with a BRIEF explanation as to why they are absent and that would be appreciated very much. The coach does not need detailed explanations as some cases can be personal which is okay. Your swimmer should also communicate this with the coach as we believe they are all capable of doing so themselves.

In the situation of sickness, please do not send your swimmer to the pool sick. This could spread germs and cause more sickness within the team.

We take injuries very seriously.  If your swimmer has any current injuries please let their coach know ASAP. We will be communicating this with the swimmers frequently as this communication is critical between coach and athlete. If we are not aware, we cannot accommodate. In other words, let us know and we will do our best to assist the swimmer with their injury so they can continue their training with minimal interruption.

Swimmer of the Week + Meet

Each week we will be continuing the trend of Swimmer of the Week. The Swimmer of the Week will be announced on Fridays. The following are the criteria we will follow when determining the swimmer of the week:

  • 100% attendance

  • Outstanding effort during practices

  • Helping with pool set up

  • Team spirit and encouragement

Swimmer of the Meet may be new to some of you. It is the same idea as swimmer of the week except it is narrowed down to just the weekend. The following are the criteria we will follow when determining the swimmer of the meet:

  • Team spirit and encouragement

  • On time and present when they are supposed to be, activation, warm up, before and after race talk with me

  • Great Attitude with all swimmers and coaches

  • Successful execution of races

These criteria are just an outline and may be changed and/or modified throughout the season.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask the coaching staff or the club executive.  We will be more than happy to talk to you.

See you all at the pool. 🙂

Go Tritons!