Excellent FAQ Compiled by the BCSSA

The Tritons compete within the BC Summer Swimming Association (BCSSA).  For many new families (and some returning :-). ), the summer swimming experience, while great,  can be over-whelming.  It can involve a lot of time commitment and you can find yourself having many, many questions.  The BCSSA has put together a great FAQ and we have included it here to help the Triton families.

Tasty Tritons Food Blog

Hello Tritons and welcome to my food blog where I will be posting healthy and delicious recipes for everyone to enjoy. I know how busy families can get over the summer season so my philosophy is short, simple and sweet.

Recipes will be aimed to take no longer than 30 minutes

Have no more than 10 ingredients

Incorporate only natural sweetness such as fruit, maple/agave/coconut syrup, cane sugar and avoid refined sugars

I will be posting new recipes every Thursday and once a month will open up a little competition where I encourage everyone to take part!

The rules are simple:

Make the most recent recipe on the blog and post a picture of your final creation on Instagram with the caption #tastytritions followed by a name of what you think the recipe should be called. The winning picture and name will be selected the following Wednesday with a chance to be featured on my blog.

You can find the blog here https://tastytritons.wordpress.com/

So Tritons! Let's get healthy this summer and learn how to make recipes fun and easy so everyone in the family can enjoy helping out in the kitchen.